If you are anything like me, then the thought of carrying around a naked $700+ brand new iPad is enough to trigger cold sweats.

Within two days of receiving my new iPad I knew I needed a case ASAP or I was gonna lose it. Going up and down the stairs at home I held onto that thing like it was a newborn baby.

The problem is that even over a week since the new iPad launched, many of the big name manufacturers still don’t have their cases out for the new iPad. Having been burned by my iPad 2’s SwitchEasy CANVAS’ plastic cracking numerous times, I wanted to do some research before dropping $50 on a new case, so I decided that I would just order a cheap case to have have a temporary solution until the “real” cases came out. So I scoured ebay, slickdeals and Amazon for an inexpensive case to get me through the hump.

That’s when I came across a deal on Slickdeals for the MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case (with Smart Cover Auto Wake/Sleep) from Amazon Marketplace seller BSC Store for just $10 (with Amazon Prime shipping)…JACKPOT!

It looked nice and had all the features I was looking for in a new case:

  • Folio style case
  • Easy to pull the iPad in and out of case for when I want to use it in the iCade
  • Magnetic Smart Cover
  • Ability to angle iPad for watching Netflix/Movies
  • Ability to angle iPad for typing

This would do, so I ordered it and almost instantly (thank you Prime shipping), and I opened the Amazon package, surprised to discover that my “cheap” case was nothing of the sort. It actually felt quite nice, sturdy and had a few extra features I hadn’t even realized were on it.

The MoKo Slim-Fit is a light-weight PU leather folio style case with lined corners which grip onto the iPad, keeping it firmly in place. It closes via an easy to shut latch and embedded magnets trigger the iPad’s sleep/wake functionality perfectly. There is also a small cutout on the back to allow the iPad’s camera to peak through.

You can tell some thought was put into user convenience when it comes to using the iPad in the case in Portrait mode. First, one neat feature is the addition of a a small elastic strap which can be used to hold the front cover flush with the back of the iPad when the cover has been folded behind. The other is a wide stretchy band on the inside of the front cover which you can slip your hand into for a little more security when holding the iPad in portrait mode.

The case also offers the convenience factors you’d expect when it comes to landscape viewing as well. Simply pop the bottom corners of the iPad out of the case and you can rest the bottom of the iPad in one of two slots in the case cover for perfectly angled Netflix or video viewing. Slide it all the way down and you have a great position for typing. However, while the typing position works well, I did feel a slight, but noticeable amount of bounce when typing on the iPad with the case in the “typing position”, something I didn’t feel with my previous SwitchEasy Case.

There is an unavoidable little bit of additional bulk, which is to be expected, but hardly any additional weight. Only time will tell as far as the overall build quality, but in the week or so, I’ve been using it, it seems quite good. With no plastic corners to break, the odds are certainly in its favor. That being said, while I don’t feel like the case is going to come un-stitched or anything, you can feel the small flaps of excess material on the inside liner, along the seems where the case was stitched. Not a big issue for me, but some might be bothered by this. The surface of the case can be a little bit of a finger print magnet, but these can be easily wiped away with a a cloth or sleeve of your shirt.

I did see a number of nearly identical cases being sold by other Amazon sellers, which made me a little concerned that this might be just some generic imported case without much quality control, so after being impressed with the case that I received, I reached out to the seller (BSC Store) for a little more information. While they do not manufacture the case themselves, the folks at BSC Store do work very closely with their manufacturers. They gave the manufacturer the design idea and the case is produced to BSC’s own quality standards and they have the final say on the product (other than just putting their name on it). Right now the case is only available in black, but BSC will be offering more color choices, genuine leather in the same design, along with some other styles for new iPad very soon.

In Conclusion

I am very happy with my purchase. Anyone looking for an inexpensive, but sturdy case, or just wants something to hold them over until more of the big names release their third gen iPad cases, I highly recommend checking out the MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case. Who knows, perhaps like me, you may quickly discover that the case you were “waiting for” is already in the palm of your hands for about $30 less! The MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case is currently priced at $16.99 + shipping, but still a nice bargain.