We carry our mobile phones with us everywhere and are constantly touching them with questionably clean hands and putting them up to our faces.

We use these devices EVERY DAY, but how often are we actually cleaning them?

If you are like me, then usually it’s only when enough fingerprints finally distract you, that you might finally take a screen wipe or tissue to them, but these either aren’t always available (or not effective) and can get expensive and are not great for the environment.

2017 study published in the journal Germs found high levels of bacteria, viruses and pathogens on teenagers’ phones. In the study’s conclusion, the scientists wrote that they “hypothesize that this may play a role in the spread of infectious agents in the community.”

Yikes…that is touching your face and your fingers! Don’t even get me started on the utter lack of handwashing and urinal phone-usage I’ve personally seen happening in men’s restrooms over the years!

With everything going on right now with the COVID-19 Pandemic, as far as I’m concerned, ANYTHING we can do to help stop the spread of germs the better.

Compact, portable, and reusable, the HÄNS Swipe-Clean offers a simple and convenient tool for keeping your portable device screens clean anytime and anywhere.

The HÄNS Swipe-Clean is a two-part solution that’s somewhat reminiscent of a deodorant applicator (but much smaller and unscented). Uncap one side and you have a safe, ready-to-use wet applicator to quickly wipe down your screen with a cleaning solution in just a few, quick swipes, like a fat highlighter. Then uncap the other side to reveal a soft cloth surface to wipe away the solution, leaving your screen streak-free, fingerprint-free and grime-free.

It is so quick and easy, pretty much just like using the squeegee on your windshield at the gas station, but a lot less messy. The form-factor is fantastic, with no wrappers or dirty cloth to touch or have to throw away. It’s also eco-friendly; Over the past four years, HÄNS estimates it’s kept over 5.5 million single-use wipes from being used and ending up in landfills!

While the exact contents of the proprietary cleaning solution remain a secret, HÄNS does say that their unique solution “breaks apart grime, grease, dirt, and oils where bacteria and germs live and multiply”.

HÄNS makes no claims about its product’s ability to help stop the spread of COVID-19 specifically, however, regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces during the COVID-19 pandemic is important.

Each HÄNS Swipe-Clean unit lasts for hundreds of swipes, but should it eventually go dry, the liquid cleaning solution is fully refillable and the cleaning cloth can be removed, refolded, and reinserted or tossed in your washing machine for a completely fresh start.

You can purchase a single HÄNS Swipe-Clean unit for $14.95 from Amazon, or a bundle with a bottle of cleaning solution refill for $22.95, saving you a few dollars over purchasing the unit and refill separately.

In Conclusion

I’ve been using my HÄNS Swipe-Clean for several weeks now and there is something rather cathartic and addictive about having a clean screen. HÄNS really does make it so simple and fuss-free (not to mention eco-friendly) that there’s really no excuse not to.

I’ve found myself cleaning all of my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) way more often in just these few weeks than I EVER have in all the years that I’ve owned mobile devices. A shiny, fingerprint-free screen is just oh so satisfying (and simple with this product). The compact size of the HÄNS Swipe-Clean means it’s perfect for putting in your pocket, bag, or purse, making it convenient for quick cleanings of your mobile device screen any time it needs it, eliminating any excuses for not doing it.

Stay safe, keep it clean and do yourself a favor and pick one of these up for your own devices.

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