As I’ve mentioned on this site numerous times before, I believe that magnets are where it’s at when it comes to iPhone cases and in-vehicle mounts as they offer great grip and the ultimate in convenience.

A couple of months back, I reviewed Pitaka’s dynamic duo of the MagCase And MagMount Qi CD Slot Charger. As far as I’m concerned, this is a combination sent from the heavens offering virtually zero bulk and the ultimate conveniences of both a magnetic mount and Qi wireless charger all in one simple package.

The one (and likely ONLY) downside of Pitaka’s original MagCase was that because it was so thin and light that it offered virtually no drop protection for those of us who might be a little clumsy. So for those who insist on the peace of mind that comes with a drop-rated case, Pitaka came out with its next generation of MagCase, the MagCase Pro.

With its 2.54mm profile, the MagCase Pro is noticeably thicker when compared to its incomprehensibly thin (0.65mm) predecessor, but the overall profile of the case is still quite thin compared to its competitors, like the Otterbox Defender which is about 6x as bulky. Jumping right from the original MagCase to the MagCase Pro took a day or so of adjustment as it felt a bit boxy in comparison to the featherweight MagCase, but I quickly adjusted. I think anyone going from a standard case to the MagCase Pro, will notice even less of a difference in weight and bulk.

Pitaka has obviously paid close attention to protection, building up this case employing multiple, thoughtful layers of defense. Starting from the inside and working our way outward, we begin with a layer of microfiber which protects the rear of your phone from scratches. That is followed by a layer of shock absorbing foam and the TPU case which surrounds the sides and corners of the device. Finally, they cap that off with three separate layers of Aramid fiber, which you may recall from my previous Pitaka review, is a class of man-made synthetic fibers originally developed for both aerospace and military applications, which Pitaka asserts is “five times stronger than steel, but just as light”.

The corners of the case are further reinforced with special bumper corners and the sides have special “AirPocket sidebar zones” to additionally improve shock and drop protection. Other safety features include comfortably textured sides to improve grip and raised bezels on both the front and rear to protect both the screen and camera respectively. The volume and Siri buttons are enclosed and easy to press, the mute switch is recessed but still easily accessible via a fingertip and there are cutouts for the speakers and lightning port.

Despite any case manufacturer assurances, I’ve always seen “drop protection guarantees” like an insurance policy. I feel safer knowing that it is there, but I hope that I never have to actually use it. So even when reviewing cases I cannot get myself to put my $1000+ phone on the line just to test out said claims. Pitaka has drop-tested the MagCase Pro to 13 feet (and people much braver than myself have gone even further, drop testing at a height of 50 feet).

Using the MagCase Pro with my MagMount Qi CD mount has been a dream. When I place my iPhone on the MagMount Qi, I can feel the attraction between case and mount and I get a solid, satisfying magnetic connection; that phone is going no where no matter how rough the driving terrain. Despite the strong connection, only just the right amount of force is needed to separate the two when exiting the vehicle.

Wireless charging with MagCase Pro and MagMount Qi has worked flawlessly. I’ve been using this case for a week or so now and, as with the original MagCase, I’ve noticed zero interference as far as WiFi, Apple Pay, Wireless charging and GPS goes. I’ve also had no issues using it with multiple types of Anker desktop Qi chargers.

In Conclusion

Man am I impressed with Pitaka! Though I’ve only had the MagCase Pro for about a week now, having used the original MagCase for the previous couple of months, I can already tell that this Pro version will be my new go to case for every new model of iPhone I purchase.

While I still highly recommend the original MagCase for those seeking a light shell case, the added peace of mind that the MagCase Pro offers, easily offsets the case’ added bulk. And for those of you looking for the ultimate experience, when the MagCase Pro ($49.99) is paired with the MagMount Qi ($24.99), Pitaka has come up with a rather compelling all-in-one solution of protection and convenience for under $75.