Welcome to my review of the brand new SwitchEasy CANVAS for the iPad 2. Sorry the review is so long! I ran my mouth a little longer than I normally like to – It’s worth it though, this case is awesome! Anywwwwaayyy, enjoy the review and if ya got any questions feel free to ask! =)

Typing Position: I’m not sure HOW I managed to not film this…so I apologize!! My Bad guys. Anyway….I took a pic here of the typing position that this case offers. It’s both stable and works VERY well. You can also adjust the height by simply pulling it forward or pushing it back to decrease. (see photos below)

UPDATE – 03-23-2012

Due to the large number of people reporting cracking of the plastic on these cases (including myself), I made the decision to lower Wil’s review score for this case. In Wil’s defense, he had not run into these issues during his “review time” with the case, but now that the issues have started revealing themselves, I think it is appropriate to adjust the 5 star rating down to reflect the build quality of this product.

I do not like to alter the review scores of my writers, but in this case I think it was necessary to avoid a lot of unhappy customers purchasing this case on our glowing recommendation.

-Brett AppAddict’s Editor In Chief


Feature Summary:
  • Unique ultra protective hybrid polycarbonate / canvas design.
  • Supports auto On/Off feature on iPad 2.
  • Single flip photo taking.
  • Makes a versatile stand with 3 viewing angles.
  • Made from durable scratch resistant matte coated canvas material.
  • Super rich padded microfiber lining.


Even though there is no documentation (that I could find) clearly stating this condition of Warranty, SwitchEasy will ONLY honor their 2-year warranty on cases purchased directly through their website. 🙁
(via Brett)

Additional Product Images