If you are anything like me, then every day you probably lug around a bag or backpack loaded with all manner of plugs, cables, batteries, and more to keep your ever-growing arsenal of wired and wireless mobile devices charged throughout the day.

You can never find the right plug, or you completely forgot to charge your battery pack and there is no outlet around.

All this adds up to frustration and stress as you carry around added weight of battery packs and clutter of chargers, just to be prepared for whatever power deficiency should happen your unfortunate way.

Well, the fine folks at InfinaCore may have a solution for your power problems with their newly released all-new 4-in-1 portable wireless charger, the Pandora Portable Power (P3).

Whether you are staying close to home or traveling abroad, need USB-A, USB-C or just prefer the freedom of wireless charging…this versatile little portable charging solution packs an 8000 mAh punch in a compact package the size of a MacBook Pro power brick and weighing in at only about 9 oz.

A port for everything and everything has a port…

Let’s talk about ports…

For starters, the Pandora Portable Power (P3) will cover all of your legacy devices with a standard USB 2.0 port that offers 2.4A and a Quick Charge USB 3.0 port. There is also USB-C port which also offers pass-through charging and accepts incoming power from an outside source for recharging the on-board 8000 mAh battery.

Finally, there is a non-slip Qi Wireless charging pad built into one side of the P3, which puts out a max of 10W, allowing for faster wireless charging.

It even has a foldable pair of AC outlet prongs which can be plugged directly in a standard wall outlet to recharge and comes with a set of travel adapters for international outlets.

I’ve been using my P3 for a little over a week now as my primary means for charging (and recharging) my iPhone and AirPods and it has been super convenient. I’m stuck in a temporary office all day due to COVID limitations, so having the wireless charger at the ready any time I need to top off my iPhone X, or plugin my AirPods with a lightning cable has been amazingly helpful. I can easily charge them both at the same time if need be and one charge of the P3 covers me for a couple of days.

I see what you did there…

It’s immediately evident that a lot of thought went into the design of the P3 to address and alleviate possible points of frustration that users of similar competing products might otherwise have.

From the previously mentioned built-in AC prong to the travel adapters, convenience is the name of the game. These keep the P3 nice and compact and also means you don’t have to find another additional cable or adapter to recharge the battery. The option to use the USB-C port to charge the battery means you can charge it up in the car on the go as well.

InfinaCore also included a digital readout to tell you exactly how much power is left on the battery; No more counting LEDs or guesswork required, you’ll know exactly when a recharge is necessary.

If you aren’t using the wireless charging capabilities, then obviously the P3 won’t be completely wire-free and you will have to provide your own USB cables.

That being said, I’ve used other products in the past which had embedded lightning and/or USB cables, which at first may sound like a fantastic idea, but when you have one of these unreplaceable cables go bad (rendering the entire thing pretty much useless) you begin to see that carrying separate cables isn’t such a bad idea after all. Tethered cables just lead to a shorter lifespan, so I’m glad InfinaCore opted against that design style.

Final thoughts…

So far, I have been quite pleased with the Pandora Portable Power (P3), it feels very solidly built, fits easily in my pocket or bag and has all the ports I need for my daily device charging. In a pinch, I can even use the USB-C pass through to trickle charge my MacBook Pro.

For me, the P3 has been a literal weight off my shoulders, replacing three chargers and two batteries which I used to lug around in my backpack every day.

If you are looking for a simple and clever portable charging solution, I highly recommend taking a look at the P3!

The Pandora Portable Power (P3) can currently be purchased for an introductory price of just $39.99 (MSRP $59.99) directly from InfinaCore at​ ​https://infinacore.com/products/infinacore-fast-charger-p3​.