Disney’s new app Where’s My Water? has made it to the number one top paid app on iTunes, with a five star rating no less. It’s a prestigious position to be in, especially in such a short amount of time making this an app I had to check out.

Where’s My Water? is about a lone alligator named Swampy, who wants nothing more than to be squeaky clean. Unfortunately the other alligators living under the city have sabotaged the water supply so Swampy can’t use his beloved bath tub. It’s up to you to get the water to flow so Swampy can be clean once again.

Where’s My Water? has everything going for it; it’s a unique puzzler with an array of challenging levels and a great looking character with interesting storyline. Much like Cut The Rope, each level has one task – get the water to Swampy. But as you play the levels become more difficult and that one task becomes a great one. To begin you simply dig through the dirt by touching the screen to guide the water to Swampy’s shower head, and also collecting all three rubber duckies. Moving on there is toxic ooze, algae and traps to avoid to get Swampy his water. Since this is a physics-based puzzle there is gravity to account for as well as how you dig and angle the dirt to aim the water where it is meant to go. There is much planning and thought process to go through and complete each level successfully. Though challenging, it isn’t so difficult that children can’t play, which makes the game fun and rewarding to complete.

Disney has included Retina display graphics which always keep animated character type games like this looking their best. The characters and environment are very appealing and the soundtrack and effects are quirky and fun. There are 80 puzzles included in the app along with the promise of more in future free updates. The fluid water design is pretty much perfect and reacts exactly as you expect water should, as sloshing and splashing helps you to complete levels in many cases. In addition to getting Swampy his water you can collect shower items to unlock bonus levels for even more fun.

Where’s My Water? is a definite treat and one of my new favorites. It’s a steal at the price of $.99 in the App Store and is sure to give Angry Birds a run for the title of number one app.

This review originally appeared on The Smartphone App Review (October 06, 2011).