It appears that Apple’s ‘Free App’ marketing campaign is now making a stop on Facebook!

I remember way back in January 2010, there were cards that showed up at Best Buy stores with free redeem codes for ngmoco’s Rolando and that was the first time I had seen a free App show up in a brick and mortar location. Then earlier this year Apple partnered up with Starbucks to offer a Free App Of The Week along with their usual “Pick of the Week” song codes. Unfortunately this program seems to have teetered out, or at least my local Starbucks hasn’t been getting any new codes in weeks.

Fortunately Facebook has now come to the aid of iOS device owners looking for high quality freebies. In what I hope is just the first of many free apps, Facebook users can simply click on this link from their PC/Mac browser and they will be prompted to install a Facebook App that will generate a free promo code for Halbrick’s fantastic endless runner, Jetpack Joyride.

I have no idea how many codes are being given out, so get yours ASAP!

A big thanks to the guys at TouchArcade for making us aware of this.