PWR6_Black6Do you enjoy the freedom and piece of mind of having a battery case, but dislike the added bulk and weight, not to mention the hassle of still having to carry around a lightning cable and/or micro USB cable and a power adapter?

Prong’s uniquely-designed PWR iP6 battery case for the iPhone 6/6s may offer an ideal solution…

The two-piece Prong PWR case comes with both a protective case with a transparent back as well as a detachable backup battery case with a built-in, foldable AC power plug, a charging cable and an adapter for headphone jack. All the materials used in this product are of good quality, the cover feels nice in your hands with or without the detachable backup battery case. I have been using this for about three weeks and have seen no wear and tear what so ever. It has been in my pocket, in the car, on a hike, to an amusement park, back and forth to work and just about everywhere I have been.

On a day-to-day basis I mostly used the Prong PWR case without the battery pack, because the battery pack just adds extra weight and bulk to the phone. When needed, adding the battery pack and removing it is as easy as sliding the cover over and it fits in well. When I know I will be out for the entire day and nowhere near a charging station, like on a hike or an amusement park, I have taken the battery pack along. The case’s 2600 mAh battery pack works really well and charges the phone fully. I was able to charge my phone from less than 20% battery to 100% and there was still some power left in the case. There are tiny indicators on the battery pack that tell you how much juice is left in the pack; these same indicators light up when plugged in to let you know how much it’s charged when plugged in.

PWR6_Black4The one distinct advantage of this battery case is there is an AC outlet prong build right into the cover, meaning you don’t need to carry an extra cable around to charge this – although there is one provided. All you need to do is just move the prongs out and stick the charger in any standard wall socket. When done simply slide the prongs back into the case and they’re completely out of the way. When in your pocket the prongs do not interfere with your car key etc., it’s a pretty neat design.

To charge the phone from the battery cover, simply press a tiny button at the bottom of the battery pack. I did however notice that the button accidentally got pressed while it was in my pocket, it was not intentional. It only happened twice while I had this in my pocket, but it is worth mentioning.

With or without the battery cover the volume buttons, mute button, power button, speaker are easily accessible. I noticed no degradation in sound quality with or without the battery cover. One minor issue with the battery pack is, you are not able to attach most headphones as the cover makes the access to the headphone jack deep. An adapter is provided but you have to remember to carry it with you, a simple solution is to just slide the battery pack off, however this may be an issue if you are trying to charge and use your headphones and you don’t have your adapter.

PWR6_Black1I recently went on a weekend trip and the only charger I carried with me was the Prong PWR case. It has the battery pack as well as the charger built in, it worked great. I used my GPS, took many pictures charged my phone on-demand and at night plugged in my battery pack into a wall socket to recharge and repeat the next day.

In Conclusion

I really liked this cover and the flexibility of being able to charge my phone on the go. An added advantage is you don’t need to carry any extra cables if you want to charge your battery pack.

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