starbucks-potw-proudIt’s time for this week’s free Pick of The Week from Starbucks.

This week’s free iOS app is an innovative and award-winning productivity app called Proud which allows you to make lists, set reminders, time tasks and more.

When an idea or a thought comes to your mind or you know you will have to accomplish something soon, store these thoughts safely, break them down into chunks that are smaller and easier to complete, and increase your chance of success in any area of your life! Organize your days with one-click reminders and add habits to make you systematic and unbeatable.

proud_891726847_iphone_01Regularly priced at $4.99, you can grab a FREE copy of Proud as the current “Pick of the Week” within the official Starbucks app.

How do I get my FREE app?

Launch the Starbucks app (or go to your message inbox) and you should see it in your list of offers. Click ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ and it’ll generate a promo code for you to get the game for FREE. If you still want the coffee, order online via the app and use the savings to buy a latte…everyone wins!

Please note that you can generate a free code through September 13th.

Download the Starbucks app here if you don’t already have it: