Video Review: SwitchEasy CANVAS For The New iPad / iPad 2


SwitchEasy CANVAS For The New iPad / iPad 2

Manufacturer(s)  SwitchEasy

Type(s)  New iPad (2012) / iPad 2 Case; Folio • Price (as reviewed)  $49.99


Yay! My first case review for the brand new iPad. Today we’re taking a look at the redesigned SwitchEasy CANVAS folio case for the brand new 3rd Gen iPad (an iPad 2).

I know that a number of people had issues with the plastic shell cracking on last year’s model, but for what it’s worth, I’ve been using this case since launch day, and taken my iPad in/out MANY times…no issues, yet.

As usual, enjoy the review, leave comments and questions below.

Feature Summary:
  • New and improved unique latchless self adhesive cover
  • Made from Durable scratch resistant matte coated canvas material
  • Unique ultra protective hybrid polycarbonate/canvas design
  • Super rich microfiber with unique pattern to stabilize your iPad
  • Supports auto On/Off feature on iPad

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One comment on “Video Review: SwitchEasy CANVAS For The New iPad / iPad 2
  1. Nice review Wil, I REALLY like their new latch-less design, though after all the issues I had last time, I'm pretty gun-shy about jumping on the Switcheasy Bandwagon again.

    I actually picked up a $10 case (on sale) that I'm really happy with. Perhaps I'll post a review of that.

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