Guns of Glory isn’t quite like any other mobile MMO. Combining RTS and RPG elements, it does away with the usual fantasy trappings in favor of an infinitely more interesting historical setting. 

Your enemy is the Cardinal. Your buddies are the Three Musketeers. Your weapons are crude pre-industrial pistols, muskets, and trusty old fencing swords. We’d take all that over a few measly wizards and dragons any day. 

The goal in Guns of Glory is to build up your Musketeer cavalry, train troops, manage resources, form alliances, plan raids, and all that jazz. 

It’s a gritty, down-to-earth RTS with some literary heroics thrown in, and there are even a few magical elements to keep fantasy-heads happy. Guns of Glory takes place in a steampunk universe, with monsters, alchemy, and rad-looking airships. 

Guns of Glory is coming up on its third birthday, and it’s achieved a hell of a lot in its three short years. More than 80 million players have downloaded the game in 238 countries, and it’s reached the top of the charts 86 times in various countries across Google Play and the App Store. 

Developer FunPlus is celebrating these impressive stats with a series of in-game events and a huge – nay, epic – and totally unique Glory Ambassador contest

The winner of this contest will not only receive a cool $20,000, but they’ll also be awarded the post of Glory Ambassador, serving as a vital bridge between the developers of the game and the community that keeps it going. It’s a superfan’s dream come true. 

There are prizes for second and third place, too – $10,000 and $5,000 respectively – plus massive in-game bundles for 20 other nominees. 

You need to make three separate submissions to enter, including an image, a video, and a review. Details are available on the official Guns of Glory Facebook page, so head there now for specific instructions. 

Guns of Glory is available right now on Google Play and the App Store. It’s free to download.

Download your copy of Guns of Glory:

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