A little over a week ago I reviewed one Magnetic Qi Mount and Case solution and now I’m looking at XVIDA’s attractive offering.

As I’ve mentioned before, my preferred method of car-mounting my iPhones is via a magnetic mount, which generally doesn’t lend itself well to Qi wireless charging. However, XVIDA has a slick solution which allows iPhone X users to essentially have their cake and eat it too; offering both the conveniences and hassle-free simplicity of a magnetic car mount without sacrificing the ease of a Qi wireless power source. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ve got a nice, protective barrier around your rather expensive iPhone to deal with all the hazards of daily life.

UPDATE: I’ve had to reduce my score of this case by one point. The case itself is still brilliant, but the magnetic Qi CD slot mount has some issues, especially in my 2014 Honda CR-V.
I noticed after a few weeks of use, that the mount started to sag a bit, causing its overly thick base to press down on one of my radio buttons, interfering with my ability to use the both the radio (especially the BT audio from my phone and the steering wheel controls) at the same time. If the car stereo was turned off then it wasn’t an issue, but if you want to use the radio it now becomes a problem.
I tried mounting the CD slot mount upside down, but it still was an issue and it didn’t stay in the slot very well. Since it is spring mounted and not-user-tightened, there was nothing I could do to manually get a more secure grip. I tried adding some small pads to the mount on either side of the problem button, but it still interfered, or the mount stuck out of the slot too much so that it wasn’t very secure. This was a really disappointing turn of events as I otherwise loved the mount, but obviously this sort of potential interference will vary by make/model of car.

Power2 Gen. 2018 Magnetic Wireless Charging Case – $39.00

Weighing in at just 1.1 oz, this second generation of XVIDA’s Magnetic Wireless case envelops your iPhone X, minimizing bulk while still adding a much-needed layer of protection. The texture of the case is smooth, but with just enough grip to keep it safely in your hand. The case covers the entire phone, with rubberized button covers and separate cutouts for both the lightning and speaker ports on the bottom of the iPhone X. On the rear of the case, its inherent thickness keeps the rear camera raised from your tabletop and there is the distinctive outline showing where the magnetic charging pad resides. Overall it’s a sleek and attractive case.

I’ve been using my XVIDA’s Magnetic Wireless case for a little over a week now, along with the Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount and it works seamlessly. I haven’t dropped-tested the case with my phone, but it is made from shock-absorbent TPU and feels nicely padded at the corners to help protect against any minor drops. I couldn’t find any official drop test data.

Embedded within the rear of the case there appears to be a magnetic element, the first half of XVIDIA’s impressive wireless charging system, which allows for a strong magnetic connection between your phone and any of XVIDA’s Wireless Desktop and Vehicle Charging Docks. It’s worth noting that the case is also completely compatible with any (non-magnetic) third-party Qi wireless docks as well. I had no issues using it with my Anker desktop Qi charger.

Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount – $69.00

XVIDA offers a full lineup of vehicle chargers including suction mount, Vent Mount and CD Slot Mount (the one that I’ll be reviewing).

The first thing you’ll notice about XVIDA’s mounts is that they have a lot of smarts built into them.

This second generation of mount has been recently redesigned to add anti-slip rubber pads for an even stronger grip. The charger is a dual-mode (7.5W / 15W) Fast Charging System, allowing for speedy wireless charging if your device supports it; the iPhone X gets up to 7.5W. What’s really nice is that in the box XVIDA includes a proper car power adapter and USB cable (one of my gripes about Pitaka’s offering was that neither of these were included) as well as optional cable clips to keep installs neat and tidy.

Embedded in the rear of the mount is XVIDA’s new AirFlow ventilation system which features a completely silent vent blade which helps to keep your phone cool during charging and extend its battery life. I had never seen a fan embedded in a car charger before, but it makes perfect sense and you wonder why others aren’t doing this as well.

One of the neatest aspects of the mount is the magnetic locking feature which gives you this physical feedback when you put the phone on the mount. You feel your phone satisfyingly click into place as the powerful magnet automagically pulls the phone into perfect alignment with the charger, so you don’t have to worry about a misalignment causing your phone not to charge.

I just love stepping into my car and seeing that delightful glowing green X on the mount just before covering it with my phone as it snaps into place at the bidding of an unseen force.

Admittedly, when I first pulled out the CD slot mount I was a little nervous. In the past, I have had bad luck with spring-loaded mounts not staying in the CD slot or not having a powerful enough grip that they come out of the slot when you pull on the phone. However, it seems that these concerns were unfounded as the XVIDA CD Slot Mount hasn’t budged a bit from the day I installed it with daily use, sometimes pulling my phone off of it up to 10 times a day. There is also no vibration or movement while driving. If I had one nitpick, it’d be that I was initially a little annoyed that couldn’t quite rotate my phone as vertical as I wanted to. That being said, I’ve quickly gotten used to its current position and the phone is quite easy to read (even in bright sunlight) and fully accessible. I had completely forgotten about this small gripe until I was writing the review and figured I should mention it.

It is worth noting that all of XVIDA’s magnetic chargers are ONLY compatible with their line of magnetic cases.

In Conclusion

While I’ve only been using this setup for a week now, I must say that I am super impressed with the thought and little touches that have obviously gone into the design of XVIDA’s line of cases and chargers.

You get everything you need straight out of the box to have a reliable, convenient and protective vehicle charging solution for under $100. There is never any guesswork in getting your phone on the charger, when it clicks on, you know its charging and you can get about your business. XVIDA has a compelling and high quality offering and if you are in the market for a magnetic wireless charging solution for your iPhone, you can’t go wrong with picking up XVIDA’s solution.

At the time of this review the iPhone X Magnetic Wireless Charging Case is on sale for $29 ($10 off) and AppAddict readers can use the code 4TH20 to get 20% off their order through July 5th! This means you can get a case, plus the charger of your choice for about $85 shipped.