These are some crazy and unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in.

With the world currently trying to cope with the impact and isolation brought upon us by COVID-19, many people are practicing Social Distancing as we try to find a way to slow down the spread of this pervasive and contagious disease.

First off, our hearts and immense gratitude go out to all of those nurses, doctors and health care professionals who are risking their lives day after day helping those directly affected by this infectious disease. THANK YOU!

As more and more parents are working from home and kids are learning from home, Software Developers around the world have also been doing their part to try to give people help, hope and a healthy distraction.

Prices on many entertaining and educational apps (a lot are FREE) have been dropping like crazy over the past few days, offering savings for both parents and kids on helpful learning resources and/or a much-needed break.

I have no idea when these sales will end, so I apologize if some of these titles have already gone back up to full-price, but I’ll do my best to keep this list updated as often as possible.

Please consider supporting these generous developers by purchasing an in-app purchase or perhaps one of their other full-price titles.