Perhaps you just purchased an iPhone X or it’s the big-ticket item on your Christmas wish list, either way, you are going to want to protect your investment with a good case and Caudabe got a nice, diverse lineup of iPhone X cases that’ll likely meet your individual style and preference.

Over the years I’ve used a lot of different cases from a lot of different manufacturers, but this was my first experience with Caudabe and I was impressed. I spent the last month or so swapping between four different models (Veil XT, Lucid Clear, Synthesis and Sheath) and I’m going to give you my thoughts on each type.

Before getting into the individual aspects of each case, I will say that I was quite impressed with the overall quality and fit of these cases for $30 or less. Sometimes the first run cases for a new iPhone model can have some issues, but all four of the cases I tested went on easily, stayed on during regular normal usage and each addressed a different type of customer. All cases also come with a One-Year, Hassle-Free Warranty. None of these cases seemed to block the WiFi charging capabilities of the iPhone X.

The Veil XT – $19.95

When Caudabe bills their Veil XT case as “impossibly thin” it’s not hyperbole. This this is so light and wafer thin that it feels almost like you have nothing at all on your iPhone X. It’s almost as if you’ve wrapped your phone in a molded piece of Tyvek.

It looks sleek and offers some much-needed tactile grip to the iPhone without adding any bulk whatsoever. While I don’t expect that this case would offer any sort of drop protection, it would be a great case for someone looking for protection against scratches and a little more grip on their naked iPhone X.

Lucid Clear – $24.95

Speaking of the naked iPhone. If you are someone who wants protection, but also wants to appreciate the natural design of Apple’s iPhone X, then the Lucid Clear might be perfect for you. As the name suggests, it is a crystal clear case, allowing the natural beauty of the iPhone X to shine through.

This case offers fantastic scratch protection and after a week of use still looks brand new. It is made from a thin hard plastic that has just enough bend to easily put in on/off your device and adds virtually no weight or bulk to the iPhone X. There are cutouts to access the buttons and lightening port on your iPhone and holes for the stereo speakers.

Due to the thinness, I do have some concerns as to how much actual drop protection it’ll actually offer. I also found this case to be a bit slicker than I would have liked. While it slid out of my pocket quite nicely, I wish it were a bit more grippy like the Veil XT was.

The Synthesis – $29.95

A shell case crafted from Caudabe’s ShockLite™, shock-absorbing polymer, Caudabe says the Synthesis is their most protective case and has been drop tested to nearly 10 ft. While I wasn’t comfortable putting that claim to the test with my brand new (and expensive) iPhone X, it did protect an accidental drop from the couch to carpeting.

This case has a nice soft texture and feels fantastic in your hand. That being said, I do wish this case had offered a bit more grip. There were times where I got nervous that it might slip from my hand (though it never did).

The Synthesis has some beautiful design elements with regards to the camera hole and protecting the rear camera. For instance, one particularly nice little touch are these subtle little nubs that are molded right into the case at each corner on the back which help to keep phone raised just enough to protect the rear camera when set down on a flat surface.

The molded volume and power button covers were responsive and worked flawlessly and I no issues accessing the mute switch from the cutout. The speakers also sound great through their openings and I’ve had no issues using Apple and third-party lightning cables.

The navy blue color I reviewed looked great and was a nice change of pace from the usual black. Overall I’d say this was my second favorite of the cases I tried as it felt great, looked great and offered some nice protection.

The Sheath – $24.95

Finally, that brings us to my favorite of Caudabe’s offerings (and the case that is currently protecting my iPhone X), the Sheath.

A near-perfect blend of all of the best parts of Caudabe’s other offerings, this is the Caudabe case to buy! Like the Synthesis, this case is also crafted from the ShockLite™, shock-absorbing polymer however, unlike the Synthesis, this case features a nice textured surface, more like the Veil XT. This gives it the perfect amount of grip, while still easily sliding in and out of the pocket.

Caudabe says that this case has been drop tested to 6.6 ft. but I didn’t test this other than once again, the occasional accidental drop from the couch onto a rug. I don’t know if I’d rely on this protection, but it’s nice to know it’s there along with some fantastic scratch protection.

Once again, the case’s molded volume and power buttons worked quite well and I no issues accessing the mute switch from its cutout. The stereo speakers sound great through their cutouts and I’ve had no issues using Apple and third-party lightning cables with this case.

One nice little design flare with this case is the curved, rectangular patch of carbon-fiber looking material next to the camera cutout. It gives it a little bit of extra style. Speaking of the camera cutout, it is raised just ever so slightly so when you place your phone on a flat surface, the camera doesn’t rub against the surface. This is an excellent daily case that’ll protect your iPhone X for years to come.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of cases out there to consider and any of these options from Caudabe would be a great choice. However, if I had to select just one of these Caudabe cases, the Sheath (at just $25) offers a nice level of protection given its lack of bulk and the textured surface will give you peace of mind each time you go to pull out your phone.

UPDATE: If you sign up for their mailing list Caudabe seems to be offering a 10% off coupon and they have free worldwide shipping if you spend $45 or more.