thewolfamongus_keyart_squareIGN has just announced this month’s iOS freebie, and it is The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1.

The Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s amazing new episodic adventure game series based on Bill Willingham’s award-winning Vertigo comic book series ‘FABLES‘.

Players take on the role of Bigby Wolf (THE big bad wolf in human form) who, as the Sheriff of Fabletown must stop the evil characters from popular fairytales, legends and folklore who have escaped into the human world. Can he fight his primal urges and retain control of his inner beast and protect the very people he used to hunt?

IGN is giving you the first episode for FREE (a $4.99 value). So far three of the five episodes have been released, and episodes 2-5 are/will be available via In-App-Purchases for $4.99 each, or $14.99 for a season pass of all four remaining episodes.

This is a fantastic game! The story and comic book style graphics are excellent and engaging. The choices you make throughout have ramifications in later episodes and the first episode ends on a major cliffhanger that will no doubt leave you wanting to play more.

Codes are available on a first come, first serve basis, so hurry up and grab yourself a FREE copy of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us now!

Click here and a promo code will be generated for you.

Remember: If you attempt to buy the game directly from the App Store it will charge you the full price, you must get it through IGN’s links.

Official Game Trailer