CI_WhiteIdiocracy Games, a small South Korean Game studio developing its first game, an “innovative strategy game with elements of card collecting” called Pirates War – The Dice King.

According to the folks at Idiocracy, “the game mechanics are much similar to those of Monopoly. You adventure through the islands of Tiakoke acquiring lands, collecting taxes from your territories and battling other pirates”.


The game features over 80 different pirates, each with varying skills, allowing for some strategy and interesting combinations of characters.

Pirates War is being developed for cross-platform play across iOS, Android and Web and they are already Greenlit on Steam as well.

Next Friday (July 8th) Idiocracy will be kicking off an iOS Beta Testing effort and they are looking for participants to help them.
Beta registration closes in just a few days, at the end of the month.

Event01For more information about the beta you can visit the Official Beta Page and/or fill out the registration form for a chance to be selected to help beta test and possibly win some nice exclusive Pirates War-themed prizes.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the gameplay: