thumbarcade-aboutThe Humble Bundle has been a very successful way for the indie PC/Steam development community to offer bundles of their great titles to their community of gamers at a reduced or ‘pay what you want’ price, plus donate a little money to charity. Not too long ago, the Android community started getting into the action as well, with some Humble Bundles of their own, but their has never been one for iOS.

This is likely due in no small part to Apple and the way the App Store’s infrastructure is set up. However, instead of waiting around for Apple to change the way they do business, the team at Thumb Arcade have found a way to make it work with the assistance of ten indie developers to create the very first Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle.

The bundle’s ten included games, (which are listed below) and have a total retail value of almost $24, but you can get all ten of these games for just $5.

There are some high-quality titles included in the bundle like Forever Lost: Episode 1 and Kill the Clowns, both of which earned nice reviews from us, as well as other great iOS games like Sentinel 3: Homeworld and War of Words.

It appears that the way the bundle works is that after purchasing, you will be sent a promo code for each of the included titles, which you can redeem into your iTunes account, just as if you had purchased them directly from the App Store yourself. You will also receive a bonus pack of game art including desktop and phone wallpapers, printable game art and more.

13965_101144303243592_100000440697211_30325_3891946_nAs you check out, you may also select to add some additional money to your payment which will go directly to the One Day’s Wages charity. It is a grassroots movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. They use 100% of donations directly on projects, and 100% (minus transaction fees) of your donations during the Bundle will go to ODW. This is completely voluntary and not required to purchase the $5 game bundle.

For more details, the FAQ and/or to purchase the bundle visit the official site at:

The Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle closes on Oct 31, or sooner if they max out on purchases.