Last night CAPCOM released a new title in its STREET FIGHTER IV game franchise called STREET FIGHTER IV Volt. For this title, CAPCOM is trying out an interesting new incremental pricing promotion that rewards early adopters. For launch day, the game is available for 99¢ and then the prices goes up by a dollar each day until it reaches it’s full retail price of $6.99 on July 6th.

The confusing part for consumers is that except for the new WiFi online multiplayer, STREET FIGHTER IV Volt initially appears to be exactly the same game as the old one that they probably already own. While the online play is certainly going to be the biggest draw for Volt, there are a few additional extras as well, including two new game modes and three new characters to choose from (Vega, Balrog, and Cody).

So why release a new game and not just add these features to the existing title or make it an in-app purchase?

The answer is…I don’t have a clue!

However, if you act quickly you can grab the new game for just 99¢ which would probably be cheaper than this DLC would have cost anyways. If that’s not enough of an incentive, CAPCOM did say that they “are planning something special for those of you who own ‘Street Fighter IV‘ and also ‘Street Fighter IV Volt‘!!”

So what are you waiting for…go get your fight on!