Los Angeles-based development studio Rebel Entertainment is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their upcoming medieval fantasy multiplayer turn-based tactical combat game for tablets, Mac and PC.

The game is an interesting looking mix of collectible card game and tactical strategy game with large-scale conflicts playable across all supported platforms (start on one, resume on another).

Players pit their fantasy armies against each other in 1v1 skirmishes or large-scale team battles! Players can work together to conquer territory, increase their resource advantage, and ultimately destroy the opposing stronghold. As you progress in the game, you will earn digital booster packs of unit cards, called Army Packs. You can then customize your army using the different digital unit cards and experiment with new combinations and strategies!

Storm the Gates will ship with 2 playable factions, the Isenhal Empire and the Orc Marauders. Each of which offer a unique play-style and their own set of units. The studio hopes to offer addition factions with future game expansions after launch. At the start of the game, players must select one faction to start with, but once they collect enough units for the other faction, it may be used as well.

Watch the Kickstarter Campaign video:

Backer rewards include things like early access to the game beta, Army packs, limited edition cards and more. You can read more details on the campaign and see all of the various reward levels for backers here.

With only 10 days left in the campaign, unfortunately it looks like Rebel Entertainment has a fairly steep hill to climb, as funding currently sits at just over $6,000 of their $400,000 goal.

Check out the official campaign page form more screenshots and gameplay details.