battle-of-the-bulge_521833787_ipad_01.jpgTo celebrate the v2.0 update to Battle of the Bulge, Shenandoah Studios’ will be holding a free* Battle of the Bulge Pocket Tournament with $175 in prizes.

Full details are available here and registration for the tournament closes this Friday, with the festivities kicking off next Monday and running until November 15th.

The tournament is capped at 32 entrants, so make sure you get in early.

I’m told that it is “open to all players, both old and new, on any device”. and that the format is “designed to be accessible to players of various skill levels”.

*You must own a copy of the game, which is currently on sale for $5.99 (reg $9.99).

The Rules

According to the official forum page, the rules are as follows and sign ups are done directly on Shenandoah’s forums:

  1. The scenario will be Race to the Meuse.
  2. To sign up, list your Game Center name and time zone below. The tournament will be managed through this forum.
  3. The tournament will take place over three rounds, each with a time limit of one week.
  4. The first round, you will be randomly paired with another player. You will play two games, one as the Axis and one as the Allies. in subsequent rounds high scores will be matched to provide the best play experience.
  5. You will earn points based on the outcome of each game:
    • Win: 3 points
    • Draw: 1 point
    • Loss: 0 points
  6. After each game the winner will post the results to the forum along with a screenshot of the final board state.
  7. At the end of three rounds the three players with highest scores will receive the following prizes:
    • First Place: $100
    • Second Place: $50
    • Third Place: $25
  8. In case of tied scores play-off games will be held as needed.
  9. Shenandoah Studio will double any prize if the winner chooses to donate to charity.
  10. Any dropouts or other issues will be dealt with as follows:
    • A replacement will be found if possible.
    • The remaining player will be awarded points for that round on a case by case basis.
  11. Shenandoah Studio, the tournament organizers reserve the right to make any rulings or changes as needed. Rulings made are final.

Make sure you double-check the rules here as they may have changed since this posting.