playdek_logo02bAbout 30 minutes ago, Playdek posted the following note on their Facebook page, instructing players on the proper way to set up a Playdek Online account for playing Agricola (and future Playdek titles) online.

It sounds like this will be the model going forward and all existing Playdek games will eventually be updated to use this new unified proprietary online account, so it is crucial that you follow these instructions if you want to keep your existing username and player record from your other Playdek titles.

Hi all,

We want to give you a heads up regarding playing Agricola online.

After working directly with Apple concerning our proprietary online platform, as well as building support for our future plans, we have implemented Playdek accounts for our online game servers. Having a Playdek account will be required to play Agricola online. This platform change was integrated as we worked through the approval process with Apple, and we are grateful for their support and guidance. Going forward, all of our titles will support the new Playdek online system and accounts.

In order to create an account, you’ll need to provide a valid email address and a password. A message will be sent to that email address in order to activate your account. We are hoping to connect your new account with your player record from our previous titles. This will allow you to use the same account across all of our titles as the other games are updated. If you have purchased any of our previous games, you’ll want to log in to one of those games today before you create an account in Agricola. This will reserve your existing user name for your use in the system. Then create a Playdek account with the same user name and we should be able to associate your previous record. If you create an account with the same username and you’re told that the username is already in use, then we haven’t successfully connected you with your existing player record.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact for assistance.

Thanks, and Happy Farming!