monster-castle-6Like tower defense, but a bit fed up with the genre conventions?

Fear not, for Monster Castle tears them up and provides a new experience within the genre.

You won’t be playing as the humans here – they’re the bad guys. Instead, you have to recruit a powerful army of monsters which have just escaped the clutches of the evil human knight,

So you’ll need to build a castle base and equip it with various defensive buildings like flamethrowers, spike pits, and cannons.

Then there’s the resources that you’ll need to produce. Buildings like the gold mine, wine barrel, and hero throne can help you there, but you’ll need to protect them from the human hordes.

To further bolster your defenses, you’ll need to recruit monsters like warchilds and hellboxers, all of which can be equipped with weapons and items to boost their strength.


Monster Castle includes three different modes of play – the first of which is the single player PvE. This is played out on a map and includes a ton of increasingly-challenging levels.

There’s also multiplayer in which you assault an enemy player’s castle, earning bonus resources and rewards if you destroy it completely.

Finally, there’s monster clan wars, a cooperative multiplayer mode in which you form an alliance with a friend and battle alongside them.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get Monster Castle right now.

Download your copy of Monster Castle below:

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