cling-thing_644211512_ipad_02With many iOS developers and publishers busy with both WWDC and E3 this seems like a pretty slow week for big Thursday new releases. In fact a number of developers appear to have pushed their app releases to Friday of this week instead. So we’ll probably have another post tomorrow highlighting several of those new titles as well.

In the meantime, tonight sees a few notable new releases including Cling Thing, the latest publishing effort from Chillingo.

In Cling Thing, players utilize their creature’s unique abilities to swing around the game’s 96 levels, sticking to its surroundings to collect stars and reach the escape pipe before time runs out. The game incorporates multi-touch capabilities which should make for some new and interesting game play (in this crowded puzzle platformer genre) as you attempt to stick yourself to multiple objects simultaneously.

crush!_651441436_ipad_01Radiangames (Slydris) launches a challenging and frantic looking game of survival called CRUSH!. For two minutes, players must “keep the blocks from filling the screen by removing matching colors with a single touch. But the blocks keep coming, and each touch boosts the stack even higher.” There are recharging power-ups, different color schemes and multiple game modes. This looks like a great “one more try” selection for quick game play when you just have a few minutes to play.

CRUSH! will be on sale for 99¢ at launch and in a recent blog post, the developer said that ALL of Radiangames’ other iOS games (Slydris, Ballistic SE, Fireball SE and Inferno+) will also be on sale for 99¢ each to celebrate. So look for those price drops tonihgt/tomorrow as well.

Next up is Hunted Cow Studios’ Pyramus, a space-themed real-time strategy game. For some reason, space strategy games are just not my thing, but this one looks nice (check out the trailer on page 2). Do you have what it takes to “unlock the mysteries of Pyramus and fight for the survival of the human race”? Find out tonight when this real-time space combat game hits the App Store at a special launch price of 99¢ (50% off).

agricola_561521557_ipad_01Last but not least we come to easily the biggest title of the night…Playdek’s digital release of the hugely popular tabletop farming game Agricola. Set in Europe during the 17th century, the goal of Agricola is to expand your 2-room hut and empty farmyard into the most productive farm. “You must sow and reap, raise animals and expand your family in order to thrive”, which will not be an easy task without the assistance of modern technology. Yesterday we announced the complete list of the game’s features including both local and online asynchronous play. I have never played the tabletop version of Agricola before, so I am really looking forward to finally getting to see what all the fuss is about.

And that’s all I have, as I said, it’s a light new release night.
Did we miss anything?

Let us know which of these games you’ll be picking up tonight when these (and more) new releases go live at 11pm EST.

Note: All of the links below will go live tonight at 11pm (EST) on Wednesday, June 12th.

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