MOD-149252_Step4Late last year we told you how NARR8 released an iPad app which acted as a mobile portal into their brilliantly produced series of motion comics and non-fiction series.

Well, the studio is taking it one step further, recently announcing that it will be opening up its unique digital platform to anyone who’d like to make their own content with a free ‘editor’ tool.

The all-new NARR8 platform is set to launch later this month and “will allow ordinary readers to create their own interactive stories with visuals, music and simple animation. The platform will be made available for fans to partner with NARR8 by sharing their own stories and images by uploading it to the NARR8 app for all to see.”

MOD-149250_Step2The editor’s interface will provide users with all sorts of assets including sounds, backgrounds and images, as well as tutorials and “other simple instruments for animation”, enabling readers to quickly and easily create and showcase their very own interactive stories.

While all users’ content will be free of charge, NARR8 has future plans to allow successful content creators (1000+ downloads of an episode) to sell content in exchange for NARR8’s virtual currency. This would allow the seller to read all of the NARR8 series using their earnings. “In the near future, NARR8 also plans to implement a revenue sharing model for the authors of popular series to earn real money.”

“It has always been important to NARR8 to be able to assist talented artists and creators, most importantly our readers. By implementing ‘editor,’ we are allowing our creative fans that write and want to share stories to do so with our 700,000+ users all over the world. We’re excited to continue evolving the NARR8 product and look forward to what this great addition will bring,” said Founder Alexander Vaschenko.

This seems like a great evolution of the platform which NARR8 has built and a cool way to add additional content and reward those who produce higher quality content. Make sure to follow NARR8 on twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss the announcement when the editor tool goes live.

Download your own copy of the NARR8 app: