godsrule-war-of-mortals_632908860_ipad_03.jpgIt’s 11pm EST on a Wednesday night and that mean’s new iOS release time. Tonight we see the release of sequels to several popular casual iOS titles as well as some much anticipated new fare.

Kicking things off is Godsrule: War of Mortals, a free-to-play social RTS game from SEGA that pits players armies against one other in either one on one or 2 vs. 2 teams cross-platform play.

Next up is a more kid-friendly freebie, Sago Mini Sound Box. A fun, free, colorful toy for kids aged 2-4 to explore the world of sound by tilting and tapping, this is the first of the apps to be released by Toca Boca’s newly formed Sago Sago studio.

The fur will be flying in Bombcats, a new free-to-play physics puzzle game from Radiangames and publisher Chillingo. Players must use seven different types of Bombcats (each with their own unique abilities to rescue the Bobkittens in 190 levels of gameplay!

star-trek-rivals_593963938_04.jpgStar Trek Rivals, a collectible card game based on Star Trek and the new Star Trek Into Darkness feature film. With over 100 cards it looks like it could be an entertaining one to check out, especially for trekkies.

The final freebie of the night is ERA Deluxe, an improved version of Forest Moon Games’ original ERA TD which came out late last year. This new version is free-to-play and I’m told that “you can enjoy the game thoroughly without having to buy any IAPs, they are only designed to enable quick access to level-up or Special Skills”.

At the 99¢ price point we see a couple of sequels of really popular iOS casual games, the first of which is Miniclip’s Gravity Guy 2. Everyone’s favorite fast running flipper is back with 7 clones to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. Run, jump and collect while staying out of trouble in this rich looking sequel to an iOS classic.

One of the most popular ball tossing / can-toppling series is back with Can Knockdown 3. Obviously the third title in the Can Knockdown series, this time around there are new puzzles and challenges to go along with the usual destructive gameplay. It is on sale for 50% off at launch.

karateka-classic_636777828_ipad_01.jpgAfter the successful launch of the modernized version of Jordan Mechner’s Karateka last year, now we get the classic 1984 Apple II version of the game with all the original graphics and sound effects, but with some really nice controls adapted for the touchscreen. Karateka Classic is a great bit of fan service for those wanting to revisit the original that started it all.

Next we have a beautiful looking 3D puzzle/adventure/hidden object game called Jacob Jones and The Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 I don’t know much about this one, but it certainly is striking.

frozen-synapse_634991828_ipad_04.jpgLast, but definitely not least is the much-anticipated iOS release of the award-winning simultaneous-turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse. Carefully translated for the iPad, this version contains a massive 55-mission single player campaign as well as cross-platform multiplayer gameplay with multiple gameplay modes and a ‘powerful skirmish generator’. Fans of tactical games will NOT want to miss this one.

That’s all I have for you…make sure to let us know which of these games you’ll be picking up tonight.

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