battle-of-the-bulge_521833787_ipad_01.jpgShenandoah Studio has just launched a lite version of their popular scenario-based World War II strategy iPad-only game Battle of the Bulge, allowing players to ‘try before they buy’.

Set during the real events of this major German offensive campaign which took place during the end of World War II, Battle of the Bulge allows players to take command of either the Axis or Allied forces in an attempt to achieve a set specified objectives related to (or influenced by) the actual events which took place during those specific days of the war.

The new lite version of the game allows players to experience three of the game’s scenarios which give you a great feeling of the turn-based mechanics, time system and over all game play. You can even compete against players who own the full release of the game.

battle-of-the-bulge_521833787_ipad_05.jpgAdmittedly my knowledge of World War II is severely lacking, but the game does a great job of educating you about historical events of WWII as well a key points of interest during the war along the way. And you can attempt any scenario from either side, with a completely different set of objectives.


What’s included in the light version?

Battle of the Bulge Lite includes The Race to the Meuse scenario which recreates the first three days of the famous Axis surprise attack in 1944. It is a tight contest with both sides facing contrasting challenges. It may be played face-to-face or online via Game Center against another player, or versus AI personalities: Monty for the Allies and von Runstedt for the Axis. The Lite version provides unlimited playability online or off. When players are ready for the complete experience, they can upgrade to the full game via a simple in-app purchase. If invited by friends who own the premium version of Battle of the Bulge, Lite players can also try additional scenarios.


Having been completely sucked in for nearly an hour last night with just the first of the three free campaigns as I tried (twice) unsuccessfully to push my Axis forces to the Meuse river, I’m convinced that at some point (when I have more time) I will definitely be sinking some serious time into the full release.

I highly recommend checking out the lite version though I’m giving you fair warning that a $7 purchase is likely to be in your future if you do.

Download your copy of Battle of the Bulge: