Swordigo is a side-scrolling RPG platformer that many gamers will nostalgically equate to Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, or Final Fantasy. But for good reason, as Swordigo combines all the things we loved about the great games of old and brings them out our childhoods and into the present.

On iOS, this game really shines. Touch controls usually drive me crazy, but Swordigo controls smoothly on the iPhone. At first you’ll just be hacking and slashing enemies with your sword, but soon you’ll acquire magic. Along with beating enemies and bosses to a pulp with your abilities, players use spells and physical attacks to solve puzzles and move further through the ever expanding world.

Players can level up their attack and magical powers as they level, allowing for a customizable gameplay experience. Prefer magic over physical attacks? Level up your spells and health first, and purchase armor and potions to keep your HP high. Or if you’re more of a physical attacker, purchase some sword upgrades and focus on leveling your attack power.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whom, after playing Infinity Blade on my iPhone, has had pretty high expectations of any other games’ graphics. So when I started playing Swordigo, I wasn’t totally knocked out. The game itself doesn’t look much better than Final Fantasy 7 did on the PS One. But slowly, the art style and graphics of the game really grew on me. After all, this game is super reminiscent of the side scrolling and roleplaying games of old. So it makes sense that the graphics would reflect that.

My biggest complaint with Swordigo is the story. I just wasn’t interested in it. It was certainly present, but a bit generic. Set in a fantasy world, you play as an adventurer seeking to save his village from the corrupters looking to destroy it. Well-executed gameplay and puzzling challenges, not to mention an excellent soundtrack, are what really kept me playing, not an interest in what was going to happen next to my character.

In Conclusion

If you’re nostalgic for the side scrolling platforms of old or waiting around for the next installment of Kingdom Hearts, play this game right now! However, if you’ve never experienced any games like this, but you’re looking for a solid game on iOS that controls well on a touchscreen and provides hours of addictive gameplay, you should pick up Swordigo.