Snap Ghost is yet another “augmented reality” app, The description of Ghost Snap says:
“Great for tricks, pranks, or simply giving your friends a surprise!
It’s free, fun and simple!”

Well simple is right, but that’s about it.

Ghost Snap is yet another “augmented reality” app, which in this case simply means “put semi-transparent digital ghost stickers on pictures” app.

Ok, going into this I knew what it was so I really can’t say that part was surprising or disappointing. It does put a “ghost” into your picture. Snap Ghost, however, does not do this well at all. The ghosts are simply images that are slapped on top of pictures you either have in your photo library or that you take on the fly. You can move the ghosts around by dragging them with your finger, double tap to flip them and pinch/zoom to resize them. You can also use two fingers to adjust the angle of the phantasms that have invaded your iDevice’s camera. However, the amount of time you will spend moving the ghostly images around your screen, you will likely have lost the photo opportunity. It is best to just use a picture already taken then add the ghost afterwards.

When you fire the app up, it immediately tells you how you can get rid of the ads, get more “ghosts” and remove the watermarks on photos by upgrading to PRO ($1.99 in-app purchase). Wait, I thought this app was “Free, Fun and Simple!”. I am such a sucker for descriptions sometimes, you know, thinking they describe the product I am downloading, not the product I might get if I jump through hoops or pay them money.

Let me be clear here, I have no issue with ad-funded apps, but I expect to be told “This is an ad-supported (or Lite/Trial) version in the description. When I read it was free, and saw the screens available on iTunes, I naturally assumed it was simply a free little photo manipulation app.

The reviews on iTunes are also misleading with a number of them being 5 star reviews and shout the awesomeness of this app with things like “Perfect merging”, and “Loved this tiny little tool, the “ghost” charactor (sic) can be embedded into my photos seamlessly, works better than I expected!!! Highly recommended!” .

Looking at the users, most have only reviewed 2 apps, both super-positive reviews on apps from the same company. Once again, we are seeing developers artificially inflating their scores on poor products like this one. It makes sense for developers to rate their own product highly, but to try and inflate your score with multiple accounts like we are seeing on this app is incredibly disheartening.

In Conclusion

I almost feel bad giving this app a 1 star rating, but it is utterly useless, especially when there are an obscene amount of apps that do the exact same thing all over the iTunes store, and some are definitely worth paying for. This one is not.

For what it is worth, my 4 year-old son enjoyed seeing his picture with a “ghost baby” for around 10 seconds, but then lost interest and wanted to go watch Yo Gabba Gabba!.