Sometimes a game comes along that simply blows your mind. The sheer enjoyment you get out of playing such a game is indescribable. This is what consoles and smartphone applications were made for, to let genius developers show their stuff, and cater to us gaming nerds for our pure satisfaction. Or that’s what I think anyway. But a geometry game? I’m getting back to basics and my new favorite puzzle to crack, is EDGE Extended by Mobigame.

EDGE Extended is one of those special apps that keeps you hungry for more. A sequel to EDGE, the object of the game is to navigate a cube through a geometric universe by rolling it around narrow paths and even climbing levels to reach a checkpoint. As you travel through the 3D cubed maze, be sure to collect all of the colorful prisms to speed up and get the highest score possible. There are three different control settings to choose from; touch, directional pad and tilt. The touch control seems to give you the most accuracy in the navigation of your cube, though I would love to try the tilt setting on the iPad just to make it that much more challenging. As you move through the levels the challenges increase, including moving platforms and secret portals for your cube to enter that will trigger more hurdles and solutions in your level. The enigmas of the ever changing geometry is endless, making the joy of playing this app completely limitless.

EDGE Extended has 44 levels to challenge in dazzling 3D graphics and Retina display. There is a ranking system to finish each level with a classroom A – D grades from passing to fail. Collect all the prisms and get through quickly and without falling to receive S or S+ grades that certify you as a Professional or Edge Master. Not unlike Cut the Rope, the levels keep you replaying them so you can get the optimum score. The music is also very entertaining to listen to and has a variety of 23 unique tunes almost reminiscent of the classic Tetris. Nice to have something more to effect the ears than the same repetitive junk played over and over again.

In Conclusion

Mobigame has made an exceptional app that challenges the mind and brings simplistic design back to the iPhone. The bargain price of $0.99 is sure to win over the crowds and being a universal app just puts the icing on the cake. Who knew geometry was this fun?

This review originally appeared on The Smartphone App Review (Aug 27, 2011) as an ‘App Junkie’ feature by Brihanna Watso.