ZooGue is known for its innovation in the iPad case world and it certainly doesn’t fall short on this product. Originally, ZooGue entered the case market by unleashing its “Case Genius” upon the world. It’s a fantastic leather case that incorporates a Velcro track system that ultimately allows for any desired viewing position. Enter the newest member of ZooGue’s iPad product line, the BinderPad.

The BinderPad is designed for a specific market – students, or even business folks who love being attached to a 3-ring binder. The concept is that the average student whom carries a binder back and forth from school may also in fact have an iPad to carry. Simply, this 3-ring compatible iPad 2 case goes right into your binder, allowing you to carry it all in one folio. A syllabus could be on the left-hand side while on the right side, your iPad 2 with a plethora of class-taken notes or even in this day and age, digital school books. Taking hand written notes whilst having a digital copy of your class book open could be extremely beneficial and convenient. Another fantastic way to look at this case is the way it hides the iPad from plain view. While leaning back in your squeaky school chair, you could be reading out of one of your digital books, or ahem, playing some Pocket RPG or surfing the net out of plain site (having your volume off is highly recommended for such activities!).

ZooGue’s BinderPad Pouch is constructed from what appears to be a durable polyester and of course a soft inner lining to keep your iPad 2 snug and protected from rear scratches. A Velcro flap keeps the iPad 2 from falling out and all of the necessary cut-outs are in the right places, making this case fully usable, in or outside of a 3-ring binder. There is no front screen protection for your iPad. The concept is that it’ll be inside a binder, thus having its front screen protected already. So, if your a messy student with pens, pencils, and all sorts of knickknacks rolling around inside of your bag, perhaps this method isn’t for you. However, if your an organized neat freak (like myself) and keep everything in their designated compartments, you’ll have nothing to worry about, the iPad’s screen will be perfectly fine.

For $29.99 and a one year warranty you really cant go wrong if you believe the form factor of this case will suit your needs. It truly is a fantastic design and one of a kind for serving its purpose. The quality is top notch and the price is just right for this sort of product. Perhaps if ZooGue created an additional accessory, a ZooGue branded, thin, 3-ring binder with some space for a few papers and business cards, a reversal able standing mode, then this case may even have a home for those not sitting in a class room.

In Conclusion

Do I recommend this case? If you are in a classroom/work setting that involves a binder and you’ve got yourself an iPad, most certainly. I suppose should you want to use your iPad as a digital frame or video screen, you could use the BinderPad to hang the iPad anywhere you can mount a couple of hooks in your home, like a wall or under a kitchen cabinet. Otherwise, the case isn’t really designed to be used outside of a binder. *nudge nudge* Perhaps ZooGue will make a sleek binder/ stand accessory to match it? Check out my full video review below.