One of my favorite categories in the iTunes App Store is ‘Photography’. Why? well, besides having a romance with photography, I believe that these apps provide us with the tools necessary to enrich our social media experience and truly share our view of the world with our friends and families. With the great camera quality of the iPhone 4, considering apps for this task is a must. Why just simply upload a point and shoot lifeless photo, when you can create a masterpiece with easy steps and compress them for easy file sharing.

On my iPhone I have 8 photography Apps, each of them with their own characteristics, some of them are free, most paid. Today I will be reviewing Magic Hour – Camera & Unlimited Filter , a photography app from Kiwiple, a Korean Developer.

In general, photography apps are more or less the same, they offer you the possibility to take pictures directly from the camera or upload from your iDevice’s library and later let you optimize, do some basic editing and the key to good results…Filters! Most Apps out there are very limited when it comes to filters, offering a very basic package and letting you pay for more options. Magic Hour blows them all out of the water. The app has a great interface, well-designed, with little pop up tutorials for each option you cross within the screen, supports retina display and it’s clean and focused in what they are offering.

Let’s talk about Filters.
The app comes loaded with 40 top-quality filters, which is a great deal of content compared to similar apps out there. But it gets better, Magic Hour has a Filter Market you can access from within the app and download new filters for FREE. Now we are talking! I just love when developers are not greedy.

Another great option here is that the app provides the tools for you to create and edit your own filters! another winning idea from Kiwiple. Ok, so now you got your filters, edited your picture saved it. Now let’s share! Magic Hour includes options for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, Dropbox, Posterous, Cyworld, Me2day plus saving location capabilities.

In Conclusion

Now that I have Magic Hour, I really see myself deleting some of the other photography apps from my device, Magic Hour has got me covered! The app’s Free Filter Market and the possibility to create your own filters are what makes this app a must for every iPhone photography enthusiast. Well, it doesn’t have to be the most complex app in the world to get a top rating, it just needs offer a perfect balance of every aspect. Magic Hour earns my first 5 star rating.