As an upper level college student, I demand a lot from my portable computing devices. As a disabled student (lack of right hand use), I depend on them more than most. I can’t break out a sheet of paper if something happens to my computer. I picked up an iPad for my computer for a few main reasons:

  • Size – It’s really small and light weight.
  • Battery life – 10 hours vs 2 hours. Not a hard call. It’s nice not being tied to an outlet on long days.
  • Portability – I can hold my iPad with my bad hand’s arm, type with my good hand, and not have to set it down in lab. I can also walk around while using it. Laptops can’t do this.
  • Gaming – The iPad is an awesome gaming device. You can’t play Infinity Blade on a laptop, now, can you?

While the iPad meets more of my needs than a laptop, I found a problem with it pretty quickly: Taking notes in lectures. Not only do teachers talk fast, taking notes in classes like Chemistry or Zoology are next to impossible on the touch screen. I went out and bought Apple’s keyboard that docked into the base of the iPad. This worked really well for a while, but it had a fatal flaw. There is no case on the market (that I could find) for the keyboard and its docking port sticks out from the super-thin keyboard. While in my backpack, one afternoon, I leaned against a wall and snapped the dock connector off. There’s $60 out the window! I needed a replacement keyboard and quick!

That’s when I accidentally stumbled upon Rocketfish’s iCapsule. I never frequent Best Buy stores, but I didn’t want to drive to the Apple Store, as it is 40 miles from where I live. The idea of a Bluetooth keyboard with a built-in case to carry the iPad, was a great concept. I tend to shy away from Bluetooth peripherals, as I’m paranoid about battery life, but I decided to give it a try for once. I’m really glad I did.

Here’s a short video review of it:

In Conclusion
  • Great Protection – Everything is packed away neatly inside when you close the clamshell.
  • Solid Keyboard – I have no complaints about the feel of it. Nice and responsive.
  • Battery Saving Features – Shutsdown after 30 seconds and boots back up quickly.
  • Decent Battery Life at one month on two AAs (20 hours of class time a week, 30 hours of use at home a week).
  • Ability to work in either portrait or landscape iPad orientation.
  • Easy in and out – spring-loaded clip holds the iPad in place securely, yet releases fairly easy (if you’re not holding a camera!).

As an academic, I can highly recommend this amazing case and keyboard for all iPad users who are willing to push their device to the limits!