Looking for a desktop stand for your iPhone or iPod Touch? The LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder is a great desktop stand made of lightweight brushed aluminum, not only does it look great with just about any decor, this thing feels as solid as a rock. The H1-Touch has six rubberized adjustable supports which hold the sides/bottom of your device along with a grippy rubber pad which sits at the rear center of your device, keeping it securely in place. It almost resembles a spider grabbing hold of your device. The front of the stand is accented by two Swarovski Crystal elements. While some may feel these add a bit of luxury to the stand, personally I could take them or leave them. Being a guy that doesn’t wear any jewelry except a solid gold wedding band, they aren’t really my style, but I supposed they do add a little class.

Since the six supports can be adjusted to anywhere between 1.73 inches and 2.83 inches, the H1-Touch can support a wide variety of devices including any models of iPhone or iPod Touch (or pretty much any other PDA or Smartphone that you might have). This includes the new iPhone 4 with Apple’s offical Bumper case, so I imagine that other cases would not present an issue for the H1-Touch either.

The H1-Touch stands at a height of just under 6 inches, and is able to rotate your device a full 360° for both horizontal and landscape viewing as well as pivot the device vertically 300° for an optimum viewing angle. This flexibility allows you to take full advantage of your iPhone, whether it be watching movies, viewing photos, composing emails, checking your tweets, using Facebook or even playing games. This stand is absolutely fantastic when it comes to FaceTime calls. No more holding the phone away from your face to avoid the awkward “big chin” look, the H1-Touch will keep the phone at the perfect height and angle so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the call. With the H1-Touch, you can also say goodbye to shaky videos and blurry photos as the stand makes a very nice desktop tripod for filming movies or taking still shots. Finally, if you are as accident prone as I am, you’ll love the fact that this stand will keep your beloved iPhone up off the surface of your desk, should you accidentally spill a cup of coffee.

Rotation and tilting of your device in the H1-Touch feels very smooth and solid, with just enough give to make the motion fluid, but tight enough that when you stop, the screen stays just where you want it. Sometimes when rotating I did feel the need to have a second hand on the base of the unit so it did not move or slide. My one real complaint about the H1-Touch is that it would benefit from being just a bit heavier. If you have a really smooth or slick desktop surface sometimes the stand my slide a little bit when you are using your device in the stand. Using the iPhone while in the stand in a vertical orientation feels very sturdy, but in a landscape orientation, I did feel the need to put a hand on the base for support against sliding when accessing the outer left and right sides of the screen. Never did I feel like my iDevice was in danger of falling so this is not a deal killer; in fact a little downward motion or the aforementioned second hand on the base resolves this easily.

There is a pass-through slot in the base of the the stand which allows for a organized way to use a docking cable on your device while its in the stand. Unless you are really stretching the cable tight, I didn’t experience any issues with the cable getting in the way while rotating the screen. Unlike the official Apple dock, generally you will need to use both hands when putting your device in/out of the H1-Touch stand, but I think its a small trade-off for the added benefit of the rotation and tilt features.

In Conclusion

This stand excels in both form and function. It does everything you’d want a desktop stand to do and then some. I’ve gotten lots of complements on it from co-workers since I started using it. While the H1-Touch’s retail price of $39.99, might scare some buyers away, it’s pretty much comparably priced to the official Apple dock and other stands of this nature. Savvy shoppers will be able to pick it up for around $32 shipped from several e-tailers including Amazon.com. If you are looking for a solid desktop stand for your iDevice or Smartphone which allows for both horizontal and landscape viewing the H1-Touch should be on your short list of contenders. For all you iPad owners, LUXA2 makes an iPad version as well.

About LUXA2

Established in March 2009, LUXA2 is a division of Thermaltake, the popular manufacturer high performance PC components. It’s focus is on the luxury consumer market.