Godzilab, the French developer behind the amazing physics-based puzzler iBlast Moki, has just released their second game, StarDunk. iBlast Moki is one of my all-time favorite titles on the platform, so how does Godzilab’s second effort stack up…Very well indeed! StarDunk is a fast-paced, futuristic, space-themed free throw extravaganza, with a great online component. Nice graphics and sound round out the package.

The goal of the game is score the maximum number of baskets within the 2 minute time limit. A ball appears at a random location on the screen, floating out in space some distance from the net. To play, you simply touch anywhere on the screen and drag your finger to set the ball’s trajectory. The arrow on the screen will adjust with your movements, release your finger to throw the ball. Four blocks which make up the net’s “backboard”, light up all four of these (by hitting them with the ball) to earn a bonus. These bonuses will last for a short period of time and can range from the ability to throw multiple balls at once, to a bigger net, to a fireball. After making a shot, your ball will randomly move to another shooting position, forcing you to keep adjusting your trajectory and power. If you score while avoiding the backboard and get nothing but net, you’ll earn more points.

StarDunk offers both single and multiplayer modes, but the multiplayer experience is really where the game really shines. Powered by the Plus+ network, online contests pit you against as many as 10 or more other players in real time. As you earn points, you can see your ranking adjust in real-time. One really nice aspect is that it’s color coded, so you can see roughly where you are in the rankings or if you are about to go up or down without taking your eyes off the action. In addition, the big planet earth in the background is constantly spinning around showing you where your competitors are from and their current scores. Best of all, by playing online you can earn 19 different Plus+ Awards, which in turn, unlock new balls which each have their own special abilities and characteristics. These add a cool bit of additional strategy to the game as well. My personal favorite is the Moki ball. 😉

So far all of my online games have been error and lag free. I haven’t had any issues connecting (or getting disconnected from online matches). Even on release day, the games always ranged from 7 to 10 players and if you have friends who are on the Plus+ network, they will be put up against you in the online matches. Feel free to add “OTGGamer” as a Plus+ friend and I’m sure I’ll see you online as I could barely put the game down long enough to write this review.

In Conclusion

I actually had the privelage of beta testing StarDunk and have eagerly been awaiting it’s official release. Both fun and easy to pick up and play, StarDunk’s two minute games are perfect for anytime play whether or not you are online. This game is so addictive that you’ll find that time will just fly by and before you know it that one quick two-minute game will have turned into 10 or 20 quick two-minute games. Godzilab has once again succeeded in creating that perfect blend of entertainment, approachability and addiction, earning StarDunk a prominent spot on my iPhone.