Being one of my favorite strategy games for both the Mac and iPhone, I was thrilled this addicting strategy game was making its way to the iPad with all the tweaks and features the fully loaded Mac/PC versions have – crisper and smoother graphics, more screen real estate and amazing multiplayer.

The concept of Galcon Fusion is relatively simple – You, as the player, are tasked with the objective of conquering multiple planets in the solar system. Both you and the other player (AI or multiplayer) each start with an inhabited planet with your own set of forces. By using gestures such as tapping and dragging, it’s your job to move your forces from your planet to the planet you wish to attack *and hopefully gain control of) while your opponent is doing the same. The first to gain control of all of the planets is the victor.

While the initial “Classic” gameplay is my personal favorite, Galcon Fusion adds 8 additional game-types that allow you mix-up the gameplay styles with various new goals and objectives. Along with these gameplay modes, Galcon Fusion boasts an amazing online multiplayer experience that really takes this game to the edge as far as challenge is concerned. Online you can play with up 12 players and it even has multiplayer chat to boot. This game is loaded with options and various gameplay styles to keep any strategy gamer entertained for quite awhile.

In Conclusion:

Be warned, this game is addicting! I’ve lost many hours to this gem on the Mac and it’s looking to be the same on the iPad with it’s intuitive touch screen gameplay. Be sure to invest TONS of time in the single player experience before jumping online – online players take no prisoners, trust me. Galcon Fusion is currently on sale for $7.99 (20% off) and as far as I’m concerned, it’s fully justified. The Developer Phil Hassey is always actively updating this wonderful game, constantly making it better and better. I fully recommend Galcon Fusion to any player looking to enjoy a deep strategy game or even fans of Risk.