If you needed one more compelling reason to pre-order that iPad, this just might be it! Godzilab has announced that they will be releasing an HD version of their AMAZING physics-based puzzle game iBlast Moki for the iPad. With only one week left before Apple’s deadline, they are hoping to have the game ready for the iPad’s launch.

All the graphics have been completely redone in high resolution to get crisp and highly detailed graphics on the iPad. The new iPad-specific Moki will contain the same levels as the original iPhone/iPod Touch release, but they will be wider versions which take advantage of the iPad’s wider (9.7 inch) screen. This should not only lead to an even more enjoyable play experience, but the larger screen real estate will also make the task of designing your own levels much simpler. Finally, the menus have been redesigned and optimized, and the game will utilize the latest version of Plus+ (designed specifically for the iPad).

There has been some debate as to whether or not developers would be selling separate iPad versions of their apps or simply including them in the same downloadable app as the iPhone/iPod binary. We have no information from Godzilab as far as pricing or if this will be a separate app requiring an additional purchase by existing iBlast Moki owners. We suspect this will all be decided once the iPad officially launches and we see how the market trends, but either way we have no doubt iPad owners will be eagerly snatching this one up!

Check out the screenshots below to see how absolutely stunning the game looks on the big screen!