After some early pre-release buzz coming out of GDC, Chicken Balls HD lauched onto the App Store earlier this week and it is already garnering a good deal of attention. The game comes from Endloop Systems, the same folks responsible for Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers, my all-time favorite solitaire game on the iOS platform. Endloop’s latest effort is a physics-based puzzle game that combines elements of some of your most beloved iOS games including Angry Birds, Peggle, Pinball and Pachinko. Couple that with an offbeat soundtrack from the talented Whitaker Blackall, and it would seem like you’ve got a nice recipe for success. If it’s progression up the App Charts and Apple’s recent New & Noteworthy nod are any indication, it appears that endloop has indeed brewed up a tasty treat.

The Backstory:

“It’s the summer of 1947 and you are Crash, the BRAVEST chicken this side of New Mexico. You’ve just come back from the Great War and had hoped to hang up your flight cap for good when an unidentified flying object crash lands just outside the nearby town of Roswell. Little did you know though that this was just the beginning and you’d have to take to the skies – one final time.”

Players launch Crash from the back of a truck, in a manner not unlike that of Angry Birds’ slingshot, but then gameplay varies from there, adding all sorts of new elements to create a unique experience. Heck, they even manged to inject their own word into the pop culture lexicon…’Farmageddon’. The game currently challenges players with 50 levels, with the promise of more to come as well as GameCenter support, more power ups and more unlockable animals.

To celebrate Apple’s New & Noteworthy Nod and to captivate on the the early positive buzz the game has been receiving, Endloop has decided to drop the price to just a mere 99 ¢ for a limited time. So if you’d got an iPad, you might as well grab yourself a copy of Chicken Balls HD and see what all the buzz is about.