One Man Left’s debut title Tilt to Live is an accellerometer-based endurance game in which you must guide your ship, avoiding an amazingly determined and often well choreographed bunch of red dots. Bursting with charm, addictively simple gameplay mechanics, crisp, clean graphics, an infections swing beat and plenty of humor, we absolute love Tilt to Live!

To play, you simply tilt your device to steer your ship, weaving it in, out and around the red dots, surviving as long as possible. Hit a red dot and it’s game over man, but don’t despare, just one simple tap and you are ready to give it another go. As the game progresses the dots will multiply and begin to get organized. Like a swarm of bees straight out of a cartoon, they’ll start forming arrows and come racing towards you. Fortunately you have a crazy assortment of (unlockable) randomly appearing weapons at your disposal including blastwaves, missiles, ice, lightning and more.

Tilt to Live’s controls might take a round or two to get used to, but once you do, you will see that they are so precise and fine-tuned that you’ll feel more like you are behind the wheel of a fine Italian sports car than something that resembles a mouse pointer. When you first start a game, you are given an option of 3 preset or one custom choice of how you intend to hold the device while playing (one of which is “sleeping” and this calibrates the controls to this style of play. Other developers should take note of what One Man Left has done, becasue these are bar none the most precise and responsive tilt-based controls we’ve seen on any game on the platform to date!

One Man Left decided upon AGON for their social networking integration, and Tilt to Live has really raised our impression of the service dramatically. AGON has always seemed to be one of the less notable social networking choices on the iDevice platform, often lost in the shadows of OpenFeint and Plus+, but this game shows it as a true contender. Tilt to Live does a stellar job of integrating AGON into the game, making it feel almost native and seamless, while adding such features as 27 unloackable Awards (achievements), Global Leaderboards and Twitter and Facebook as well.

In conclusion

Tilt to Live is not an easy game, in fact you can expect to die…A LOT, but boy will you have fun while you do. Every time we play Tilt to Live we find ourselves enjoying the challenge more and more. The bold colored graphics are fantastic, the music and sound effects will get your pulse racing and the controls will get your hands moving. It has quickly become our “go to” free time game, often resulting in play sessions that last an hour or more solely due to the game’s extreme addictive qualities. We are also blaming it for the tardiness of both this and several other reviews as well. A fellow reviewer urged us to take a look at a similar game, Starball and as far as we’re concerned, it’s got nothin’ on Tilit to Live! We simply cannot recommend this game enough! With recent rumors that new content is on the way very soon (possibly a new game mode?) this is a no-brainer, especially at its current $0.99 sale price! If you haven’t picked Tilt to Live up yet…now is definitely the time, it’s going to be the putting it down that’ll be the hard part!

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