LetsTans is a colorful and fun Tangram puzzle game, loaded with over 200 “hand-crafted” puzzles and three different game modes that make this title really stand out against similar titles on the App Store. In “classic mode” players try to fit the seven tans completely within the Tangram shape (no overlapping allowed). “Replica mode“, has players rotating their device, attempting to find (and tap) seven different colored adjacent tans which form an exact replica of the white Tangram shape provided. Finally, in “arcade mode“, you must drag the shaped mask to capture seven different colored tans.

Individual puzzles are not categorized by level of difficulty, but all the puzzles are unlocked from the beginning allowing players to pick and choose whichever looks the most appealing. The game makes perfect use of of the touchscreen for moving, rotating and placing your pieces. The controls are both intuitive and responsive leading to really fluid and smooth gameplay. There is no in-game music but you can listen to your own music library while playing.

While players can enter their name and a current record is kept of how much time is spent on each puzzle, the game lacks any real social network integration such as OpenFeint , AGON. etc. LetsTans seems like a perfect candidate for something like this and we hope to see it added in a future release. Other than that the only thing we could find to complain about is that perhaps the menus could use a bit of sprucing up. Don’t get us wrong, they do what they need to, they just feel a bit utilitarian and business-like and not very fun or appealing.

In the end, LetsTans offers a fun and smooth Tangram puzzle experience. The variety of game modes really helps to elevate the experience and keep things fresh and creative. If you are looking for a Tangram puzzle game, then LetsTans would be a good choice. Best of all, it is currently FREE today on the app store as part of the FREEAPPADAY.com promotion!

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