The following review is by guest reviewer Will O’Briant.

Finger Sling is a game based around a very simple concept. What you have to do is simple in theory, but tough in practice. You control a white ball, connected to a string, connected to a pad controlled by your finger. The string is like a bungee cord, it will sling the ball in whatever direction you move the pad. Now to put that into use, it is your goal to defend a large ball in the center of the screen. It is enclosed in a small circle, and it cannot completely leave said circle. Invading brown balls roll toward the ball in the center, trying to hit it and knock it out of its circle. You use your white ball to hit the brown balls out of the screen so they cannot jar the center ball. In case that made no sense, a gameplay video is included at the end of this review so you can watch it in action. As well as defending from brown balls, every 10 levels you get to fight a boss.

Now, you won’t just be defending the center ball with your pitiful white ball and tiny boundary for the center ball the whole game. You can upgrade your ball’s size and speed as well as the center ball’s size and boundary size. You earn upgrades by spending points at the end of each level. Points are earned by knocking out brown balls, the harder and more solid contact you make with an invading ball, the more points you get. You also get a ridiculous amount of points for defeating a boss.

That is pretty much the whole game, it may not sound like much, but it is another great pick up and play gem like Doodle Jump. There are infinite levels in the game, you go until you die. More balls come every stage, and boss every 10. This game is one of those “Try it just one more time” types. It also comes with OpenFeint connectivity with 6 achievements and global leader boards. The physics engine is spot on. The funness of the game is undeniable; it has as much charm as one would hope for. The sound effects suit the game perfectly, there is something extremely satisfying about trucking your ball across the screen and smashing into an invader making a huge clacking noise. Pocket Monkey is also the developer of this, which is a huge plus. They are very active and are always listening to their customers’ feedback and improving their games based off of it.

Despite the great fun this game offers, it does have it’s shortcomings. First and the most apparent is the steep learning curve. It took me nearly 30 minutes to get to level 10 and face a boss. That’s not really a flaw, but just a complaint. Due to the fact you only have one life; a single mistake could be your demise. Many times I accidentally swung backwards into an invading ball, sending it rocketing into the center and blasting my ball out of the boundary. Also, there is no way to access the main menu after you get into a game, as well as no pause button. Apart from that, this game is really great.

Overall, this game is a must have for any fan of pick up and play games. It is a tremendous value at 99 cents. The game is fun though sometimes frustrating. You can see the production values from a mile away, and the sound, nice artwork, gameplay all mesh together to create a very positive experience. Pick it up today.

Gameplay Video