Exclusive Interview with DJ Nights’ Developer MusiGames

We had the opportunity to ask Americo Amorim, founder and CEO of MusiGames Studio some questions regarding their newest iPhone game, the eagerly anticipated...

Friday Freebies – Texas Hold’em, Physics Puzzlers, Sumo Wrestling and more

Here are some freebies for this week. Some of them are limited time offers, so jump on them quickly. Card Ace: Hold 'Em (Texas...

Friday Freebies – Sentinel: Mars Defense, Yumsters! 2, Symmetrix and more

Here are some freebies for this week. Some of them are limited time offers, so jump on them quickly. Sentinel: Mars Defense (Tower Defense) Yumsters!...

Friday Freebie – Ezone’s Scarecrow

In celebration of Halloween, the full version of Ezone's Scarecrow is FREE TODAY ONLY! Ezone's Scarecrow is part ragdoll sim, part Doodle Jump-style game. ...

Six Spooky Games Who’s Appeal Will Extend Well Past Halloween

The App Store is loaded with Halloween-themed games. In fact, Apple even added this as a featured category, so we decided to share some of our favorite titles. A common problem with seasonal-themed games is that, while they are fun right around a particular Holiday, they quickly lose their allure once the special day has passed. Keeping that in mind, we selected titles that would not only get you in the Halloween Spirit, but that will also offer year-round appeal and entertainment. Our list spans all genres from memory matching, to a top-down racer, to a gorey dual-stick shooter. These games may be filled with creepy-crawlies, monsters and all the things that make Halloween great, but they offer entertaining core-gameplay that will keep you coming back to them all year long.

Free SMS App Showdown – The iPod Touch POV

Text+ vs. TextFree vs. TextNow Which free SMS App is the best choice for your iPod Touch?

Friday Freebies – VWs, Spaceships and Fish

Today we have 3 free titles to tell you about, Real Racing GTI (Firemint), Starship Defense (BLUE WIND) and Fish Fun (99Games). Real Racing GTI should be free for some time, but the others are limited time offers, so if they sound interesting grab them for free while you can.

Family-friendly apps that fit any budget

In the waiting room? In line at the grocery store? Kids fidgeting and you need a distraction, but they are tired of the current game selection on your iPhone and want something new to play, and you don't want to fill up your idevice with junk that you will never play...what's a parent to do? Don't worry, AppAddict is here to help.

Let The 8-Bit Retro Renaissance Begin…

It makes me feel old to realize that some of our readers may actually be too young to remember a time when 8-bit gaming was not considered "retro" and was just called "gaming"! If you are like me, and fondly remember a time when things were simpler and you just had a single button on your joystick and a graphics pallet of just 8 colors (100 if you count various shades of the 8 colors), then let the retro renaissance begin.

Friday Freebie – A Quest Of Knights Onrush

A Quest Of Knights Onrush is an action side-scroller spinoff of Chillingo Ltd's popular tower defense game Knights Onrush. In this game, you...