Today North Star Games has released Evolution: Climate on iOS and Android.

It is the digital adaptation of the 2016 Evolution: Climate sequel title in their Evolution game system.

It plays much like the award-winning original strategy game, Evolution, but with a fun new tug-of-war aspect thanks to the introduction of climate events and a dynamic climate system which can cause your delicate ecosystem to swing between scorching hot and icy cold, making a variety of all-new traits (like Heavy Fur and Migratory) crucial for survival and maintaining an already scarce food supply even more tenuous.

When playing food into the general supply at the beginning of each round, players will also affect the overall climate for all players, so depending on how you’ve adapted your species, you may want to try to drive the temperature up or down to wipe out your opponents’ species who may be less prepared for the extreme temperature.

Climate adds a rather fun new dimension and tactic to the game that I quite enjoyed, even though you have more to think about, it felt like the Climate events actually sped up the gameplay a bit due to their often devastating effects.

Evolution: Climate is being introduced as a new $6.99 IAP to the Evolution app. today.

However, for a limited time, iOS (and Android) players can unlock both the Evolution Full Base Game IAP as well as the new Climate IAP for a single $9.99 IAP Bundle (a savings of $4 over purchasing each separately.)

Evolution and Evolution: Climate both allow for cross-platform play, meaning you can compete against other mobile players (iOS and Android), as well as challenge players with budding ecosystems on Steam and Nintendo Switch as well.

Not only that, if you purchase Climate on either Steam or Nintendo Switch, the Climate content will be unlocked for free on mobile as well. North Star Games will be offering 30% off Climate on Steam and Switch to coincide with the mobile launch.

Purchase Climate during launch and you’ll also get an exclusive in-game Avatar!