Dire Wolf Digital, in a continued partnership with Renegade Game Studios has just announced that they have been adapting its award-winning two-player trick-taking tabletop card game The Fox in the Forest to PC ad mobile devices and it will be released in just a couple of weeks on October 18th.

Embark on Your Adventure into the Forest!

The Queen has decreed that whoever defeats the monsters will be granted half the kingdom in reward. With the help of the woodcutter, swan, fox, and monarch, you will collect treasures to gain the Witch’s trust. These characters appear on special cards that change up gameplay and can help you to victory.

Designed by Joshua BuergelThe Fox in the Forest is a competitive fairytail-themed trick-taking card game for 2 players, with a twist. Play 13 cards each round to win tricks, and score points depending on how many tricks you win. The player with the most points at the end wins. Players must utilize cards’ special abilities and take tricks to win, but they must be careful not to get too greedy. Win too many tricks, and “you might become the villain of your fairy tale”.

Dire Wolf Digital has produced some absolutely fantastic digital ports in the past including SagradaRaiders of the North Sea and Renegade’s own Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and Lotus

Their work is among some of the best in the industry, bringing the cardboard to life with beautiful visuals, sound and enhanced gameplay. The app will feature a tutorial as well as local and online play.

Needles to say I am REALLY looking forward to this release.

The Fox in the Forest is available now for pre-order & wishlisting on Steam and the Apple App Store! Coming to Google Play on 10/18!