Alchemy Stars is holding a special limited-time summer event titled Ocean Sovereign to coincide with its festivities on surpassing 10 million global registrations. Tencent and Tourdog Studio’s line strategy-slash-card collecting title is adding new Aurorians, cool new outfits, and a storyline that’s all about “A Summer to Remember with Light and Darkness”.

No summer shindig would be complete without a sizzling new outfit system, which adds Uriah, a 4-Star Aurorian – Sea Voice; Vice, a 5-Star Aurorian Vice – Ray of Sunshine; Kleken, a 5-Star Aurorian – Black Lagoon; Carleen, a 6-Star Aurorian – Sea Breeze; and Eicy, a 6-Star Aurorian – Onyx Iris.

As for the two new Aurorians joining the fray for a limited period of time, Smokey from Umbraton and Genevieve from True Order definitely won’t disappoint. The former is a free spirit who’s unbound by the shackles of society (and always looking for new experiences), while the latter is a sophisticated gin connoisseur and bounty hunter on the lookout for a certain individual on her list.

Alchemy Stars is a stunning RPG that combines color-matching on tiles during combat plus line strategy elements. The Ocean Sovereign event will run until September 29th, so if you don’t want to suffer through any FOMO, you can download the game on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store.

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