Paramon Clash: Evolution is like classic Pokémon but with mobile-friendly gameplay and an addictive free to play system. And that’s fine by us.

This polished collect-’em-up from Fangcun Interactive is a mobile-exclusive multiplayer RPG where you intrepidly explore a massive fantasy world collecting, evolving, and battling the cute little monsters you find on your travels.

You can battle them in lots of ways, such as turn-based PvP duels that play out in real-time. These duels are super-slick and satisfying, with a range of spells and special moves available at a tap of the screen.

The multiplayer offering is solid, with co-op play and live voice chat to keep you connected with your buddies.

When you’re not battling you’re spending time in the great wilderness, finding potions and cookies to feed to your monsters and, of course, trying to track down every last Paramon. There are several environments to do all this in, including forests, deserts, and caves.

Paramon Clash: Evolution is an awesome-looking game, with sharp, cartoony graphics, cute monsters, and customizable outfits. And it’s all totally free. You can drop some dough on IAPs to make things easier if you like, but you can get by fine without it.

Download Paramon Clash: Evolution for free right now. [App Store / Google Play]

Download your copy of Paramon Clash: Evolution below:

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