As if their previously announced list of upcoming titles wasn’t already enough, now Asmodee Digital has just revealed that they will also be bringing Steve Jackson Games’ award-winning chaotic dungeon crawling card game Munchkin to digital platforms as well.

For the unfamiliar, Munchkin pits players against one another in turbulent dungeon raid as they compete to slay an odd collection of monsters (like the Potted Plant or the Large Angry Chicken) and snatch up unusual magical items such as the Cloak of Obscurity, Cheese Grater of Peace and Bad-Ass Bandanna.

The publisher sums it up best with:

Go down in the dungeon.
Kill everything you meet.
Backstab your friends and steal their stuff.
Grab the treasure and run.

“We are thrilled to partner with Asmodee Digital for the first adaptation of Munchkin to digital platforms. Munchkin has become an evergreen game over the years and we believe the time has come to offer fans around the world a truly innovative experience,” says Phil Reed, CEO of Steve Jackson Games.

Munchkin seems like a perfect fit for mobile devices and it’s plethora of expansions and spin-offs give make it a game series ripe with opportunities for future add-on content.

Hopefully this will also open the door to other Steve Jackson Games titles getting digital ports as well. I for one, think Ghosts Love Candy would make a fantastic digital board game.

We don’t have any information on which platforms but likely iOS, Android and possibly Steam.

This’ll be one that I’ll be keeping an eye out for next year as it’s one of those games that I have somehow never played, but always wanted to try.