This year marks the 7th Anniversary of the über popular card drafting and set collection game 7 Wonders, which was originally released in 2010.

There has been much celebrating of this milestone, with special new anniversary mini expansion packs, giveaways on social media and more.

First we thought it might be releasing in July due to a teaser image posted by Repos Production on the official Facebook Page.

Then when that didn’t result int a release many digital board gamers thought the big reveal would happen at Gen Con, but digital board gamers were left waiting, despite high expectations.

Well it appears like the wait is nearly over as Repos Production posted the following tweet on their official twitter stream a couple of days ago during Essen Spiel.

That’s right…sometime in November, 7 Wonders is making is way to tablet devices!
We don’t have much more information yet, but expect all the details once they are available.