As expected, Apple has finally confirmed the much speculated September 12th event date to announce the next iPhone.

Large tech sites have started receiving their invites to attend a special Apple event next Wednesday. It features the number 12 along with the words “It’s almost here.“. The shadow of the 12 forms the shape of the number ‘5’. Though this does cast a little doubt on the nomenclature.

This is clearly going to be Apple’s announcement of the 2012 iPhone (with an expected release date of September 21st) and despite the ‘5’ in the picture, I’m still leaning toward the new iPhone being called…err…the new iPhone (much like the new iPad).

So it looks like next Wednesday we’ll finally get to see if all the rumors of a larger (taller) screen, smaller dock connector and new headphones were all true. I’m sure we’ll also see at least one previously unannounced surprise feature of iOS 6 as well.

Those looking for news about the rumored iPad Mini will probably be waiting another month until October 17th when it is suspected that Apple will be holding another separate press event.

I am super excited for the event, as I passed on upgrading to the iPhone 4S (as it would mean early upgrade fees) and definitely plan on ordering the iPhone (2012).