USM sent us over some exciting information regarding their upcoming Catan Universe app.

The Catan Universe app is an entirely revamped and inclusive experience that will replace the two existing Catan apps for the iPhone and iPad as well as bring back the previously removed card game version, Rivals for Catan to mobile gamers. A universal app in more than one regard, it will also include the Cities and Knights and Seafarers add-ons for Catan. Additional games and scenarios from the Catan world “are in the pipeline and will be added one by one”.

All game content within the app will offer seamless cross-platform play with Catan Universe players will be able to compete against any other Catan fans worldwide on a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

Are You Attending SPIEL in Essen?

Attendees at SPIEL in Essen (October 26 and 29, 2017) can play the game early during the show at stand 3B-112 in Hall 3. This will be the first opportunity for fans to play and test the digital Catan games alongside the latest board game versions. Fans will be encouraged to submit their own ideas for themed versions of Catan with an opportunity to win an activation code for all of the Catan Universe content.

What if you are NOT Attending SPIEL in Essen?

If you are unable to attend SPIEL, Catan Universe is already available as a browser version for PC and Mac on as well as a PC version on Steam. Reviews of the Steam version are decidedly mixed. I haven’t tried the Steam version yet, but the existing Catan app for iOS was quite well done, so hopefully USM can iron out some of these issues before the new mobile version launches.

What if I previously purchased the Catan app, do I have to buy it again?

The new Catan Universe app will be free and will include the base board game and the Rivals for Catan introductory card game , both of which can be played against two players without registering.

Additional content can be activated through the Arrival on Catan introduction. Scrolls can also be used to access add-ons and other gaming content for a limited time.

The entire base game and all the add-ons will also be available as one-time in-app purchases, allowing players to pick and choose which Catan versions they’d like to pay to unlock permanently.

Once purchased, all activated content is available on every supported platform which the player logs into using their Catan Universe account.

Registered buyers of the old Catan app for Android and iOS can activate much of the Catan Universe content, free of charge making their voyage to the Catan Universe even easier.

Unfortunately the graphics are not final on the iOS release just yet, so all screenshots are from the PC release.

Catan Universe is developed by USM and the exozet games development studio in close collaboration with Klaus Teuber and Catan GmbH.