It is a sad fact that unfortunately many great iOS games will become victims of Apple’s 64-bit App-ocalypse this Fall. Fortunately however, brilliantly original experiences like Year Walk and DEVICE 6 (two of my favorite games from 2013) will NOT be among the casualties.

In fact Swedish game development studio SIMOGO recently posted on their Facebook page that they are diligently working to make their entire, unique catalog of games, 64-bit compliant. In the post they also reveal that they are working on something new (OH BOY!), but that saving their existing titles is currently their top priority.

While I haven’t played through either Year Walk or DEVICE 6 again since their initial release, it’s great to know that I will be able to revisit them for another playthrough in the future (which I certainly plan to, now that I’ve forgotten many of the puzzle solutions). They should be fully compatible with all of my iOS devices even after upgrading to iOS 11.

My daughter is a big Bumpy Road fan, so I’m sure she’ll be thrilled as well.

Progress is already being made on the conversions; about an hour ago SIMOGO posted a photo of a 64-bit build of Beat Sneak Bandit being tested.

Download any of SIMOGO’s iOS apps: